Advisors: Have You Asked What Your Clients Want from ESG?

Environmental, Social and Governance investing has grown considerably in the past five years, but there’s more than one inroad leading clients to the space. Is it a desire to improve the environment? A chance to address social justice issues? Or does your client see ESG primarily as a pathway to potentially better returns and less risk?

For advisors, discovering the motivations of a client’s ESG interest is not only key to picking the right investment strategy for them, but setting expectations. By asking several questions, advisors can determine what their client wants from the space, and perhaps uncover education the client may need about ESG investing.

We’ve built a new questionnaire to help advisors start the conversation. Short and straightforward, our new questionnaire can help you guide better ESG conversations with your client, and equip them with an ESG portfolio that matches their intentions. You can access the questionnaire for your clients here:



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