Debunking the Myth That All ESG Portfolios Are Built to Advance Liberal Agendas

ESG investing has gained significant traction over the past decade as investors increasingly consider non-traditional financial factors such as diversity, social justice, and climate change when making investment decisions. However, there is growing concern that ESG investing puts a political lens on the businesses and influences what an asset manager chooses to invest in. While the intention behind ESG investing is to incorporate sustainability and ethical considerations into the decision-making process, critics argue that ESG portfolios are built to advance liberal agendas.

At Dana, ESG investing has never been political. It’s about Enhancing Shareholder Value (ESV)—a philosophy we’ve adhered to for more than 20 years.

Pioneers in values-based investing

In 1999, our journey into values-based investing began when a group of clients, who happened to be nuns, approached us seeking investment solutions aligned with their Catholic values. This pivotal moment prompted us to create our first values-oriented portfolio. To honor their beliefs, we excluded companies involved in alcohol, tobacco, firearms, and other ventures that conflicted with their values. The success of this initial portfolio inspired us to broaden our commitment to ESG investing, and today, this approach resonates across all our investment strategies.

With the nuns' vision as our guide, we recognized the importance of aligning investments with personal values. Since then, by prudently selecting companies that are leaders in sustainability, social responsibility, and ethical governance, we have established a comprehensive framework for investing that reflects our clients' values and contributes to a better future.


Looking beyond ESG basics

We believe it is important for investors to understand that ESG data is merely informational. The real differentiating factor lies in how asset managers utilize and interpret this data. Our process involves going beyond surface-level evaluations and incorporating ESG considerations into a holistic investment strategy. We consider every factor that is material to a company’s profitability and how a business operates, including its environmental practices, social impact, and governance policies.

Our robust data capabilities are the result of 20-years of analyzing ESG factors. As early adopters, we’ve tracked a lot of data and seen it evolve into what it is today. Our data isn’t back-tested, it’s our history. We believe that integrating ESG factors into our investment process can provide us with a valuable information advantage and enable us to make more informed investment decisions that align with our clients' values and goals—just like the nuns. Furthermore, we reject the notion of cancel culture. We don’t strive to tell executives how to manage the business, but more so understand how ESG factors into decisions that may impact production disruptions, reputations, and, ultimately, financial performance. Rather than solely eliminating potential companies outright, we developed a proprietary ranking approach that allows us to comprehensively evaluate and compare their ESG performance. The result is a universe of companies that promote responsible business practices that align with longer-term sustainability goals.

By researching companies based on their ESG performance, we consider a broader range of factors that may influence long-term value creation, risk management and responsible use of resources. This approach allows us to identify and invest in companies that, in our view, demonstrate a commitment to responsible business practices and can deliver on our long-term performance expectations.

Analyzing ESG factors through a long-term lens

At the core of our investment philosophy is a long-term perspective. We steer clear of short-term trades, instead focusing on strategic investments that align with our clients' goals and ultimately selecting businesses that we believe are well-positioned to navigate the ever-evolving world. In our view, incorporating ESG considerations into investment analysis is not only a prudent business practice but also a catalyst for Enhancing Shareholder Value.


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