A Decade in Review – How Mobile Has Changed Our World

The 2010s were full of change. In a 3-part blog series, we have taken time to review some of the most memorable changes from this past decade: The Effects of Climate Change, Central Banks Take the Wheel and below, How Mobile has Changed Our World.

Steve Jobs holding first ipad - Image Source AppleInsider

Mobile Technology

In January 2010, the dawn of what would become a decade of unprecedented technological advancement, Steve Jobs stood on a stage in San Francisco and introduced the iPad.  Apple had just become the most valuable technology company on the planet and this new, touch-screen device would catapult the company to the first ever trillion-dollar valuation and forever change the computing world.

As revolutionary as the iPad was for computing, the mobility it and smartphones promised would have been impossible without the implementation of fourth generation (4G) wireless technology.  First introduced in 2009, 4G was widely deployed by major mobile carriers in 2010.  4G offered blazingly fast data transmission speeds that were 10x the speed of the last generation technology.  These speeds brought mobile devices up to the levels of now-archaic personal computers. Now we could watch cat videos and play Candy Crush…(get this)…on our phones!

4G technology also enabled many of the mobile applications that have become central to our way of life.  Need a ride get an Uber. Want to split a check, Venmo it. Have to share your story, Instagram. Ready to relax and unwind, Netflix and…you get the point.

On the back of 4G came even more revolutionary technologies. Cloud computing freed up our device memory and eliminated the risk of permanent loss of meaningful files. Dropbox made work file sharing easier, while iCloud and OneDrive allowed us access from any device.  Artificial intelligence (AI) remains in its infancy, but already Alexa permeates our homes, giving us a weather report in the morning and calling the kids to dinner at night.    

And as the sun sets on a decade of mobile technology advancement, a new revolution is on the horizon.  The fifth generation (5G) wireless technology is set to debut next year. It promises ever-faster data speeds, diminished latency and a new world of augmented reality.  We can’t wait!

How has mobile changed your world?  Fill out the comment form below and let us know! 

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