2022: Celebrating Silver Linings

We’re days away from the ball drop in Times Square, champagne toasts, and New Year’s resolutions. However, for us, the year wouldn’t be complete without a message of gratitude and well wishes to our investors, partners and friends.

This year, our message focuses on some of the silver linings in what generally was a stormy year for stock and bond markets.

From the clients who’ve invested with us for 33 years to those who joined us as recently as last week — we’re grateful that they’ve allowed us to serve them and for challenging us to be our best.

Employees (old and new). We owe our success as an organization to our employees, and we’re grateful for their individual and collective contributions. We’re also grateful for their role in helping Dana earn a spot on Pensions & Investments 2022 list of best places to work — our 11th consecutive year on this list.

Rising interest rates. A zero-rate environment doesn’t benefit income investors.

Differing opinions. Two sides can differ for many reasons. At Dana, we believe we learn from these differences, and we are ALWAYS continuing to learn.

Seasonal change. Life would be boring if every day brought sunny skies and 75-degree temperatures. We believe a few below-zero days can help us all feel more alive. Seasonal change reminds us that change isn’t something to fear.

Market volatility. Stock market swings present opportunities for current investors and entry points for new investors who are focused on the long-term.

Relationships. It’s been a challenging year in the markets, but relationships — professional and personal — help us remember there is more to life than financial market returns.

From everyone at Dana, we wish you a happy holiday season and a prosperous New Year!



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